Warranty Policy

General warranty conditions

1 Crowd eligible for warranty

This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. In the event of a defect in the stainless steel body of the product within the warranty period, the purchaser should contact our customer service team for assistance.

2 Basis of the warranty

2.1 The warranty includes

2.1.1 Production and/or material defects of individual components or the complete product. Products must be installed in accordance with accepted technical rules and standards for installation. They must be installed by qualified tradesmen.
2.1.2 The warranty details



Warranty period

Main Body

Shower Drain

3 years



1 year

Hair Strainer

Threaded Adapter

Rubber Collar

Lifting Hook

Adjustable Feet



2.2 The warranty does not include

2.2.1 Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse or improper installation.
2.2.2 Any damage or defect caused by install, repair, remove or modification of the product, including subsequent damages of any type. 
2.2.3 Labor or installation costs associated with the installation, replacement, repair or remove of the product. 
2.2.4 Damage that does not affect the function of the product (scratches, dents, bumps, paint damage, decorative accessories, etc.).
2.2.5 Damage caused by accident (sudden unforeseen event.).
2.2.6 Complementary purchased accessories are damaged.

3 Warranty rights reserved

3.1 We will, at our sole discretion, repair or replace any defective stainless steel parts or products, or refund the extent of the damage to the product.
3.2 We reserve the right to modify or terminate this warranty at any time without notice.
3.3 The warranty applies only to products purchased and used within the United States.